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Martha Wirth Photography Review by Staza

"Martha is my favorite photographer to work with because not only does she understand everything that goes into a perfect shot, she also understands me. She cares so much about her clients and who she is working with. She helps me to feel comfortable and confident during our shoots. Her ideas are creative and innovative. I always walk away feeling happy and excited to see the images. I know they will be one of a kind!"  ~Staza

"I love shooting with Martha! There is a comfort that she establishes right away at her shoots and as a woman, I think that is an important quality. She knows poses because of her background in dance and she always knows the best angles. She has a creative eye that never rests and the results are insanely beautiful images! She is constantly coming up with new ideas for locations and her vision and artistry are infectious!" ~Ever

Martha Wirth Photography Review by Ever
Martha Wirth Photography Review by Jen

"I could not have asked for a better experience in a photo session. Martha is an incredibly gifted photographer who stays completely and authentically present during the entire session. She brings things out in you that you couldn't have hoped or imagined, and the pictures create a story you could've only dreamed." ~Jenn

"Martha is a creative in every sense of the word. She has an eye and precision for her craft and an explorative freedom that generates pure beauty. Not only does she know how to create, cue, and coach amazing shapes with the body for movement, she knows how to tell the story with each image and capture authentic emotion. Sessions with Martha are truly a gift for any artist!" ~Kim (jk-co)

Martha Wirth Photography Review by JK-CO
Martha Wirth Photography Review by Ally

“Watching Martha work with my dancer was a complete joy! She knows exactly how to position dancers to get the best shot! Plus her unconventional ideas make for some incredible and unique photos that are truly art.” ~Jennifer and Ally

"I love working with Martha -- her creativity and inventiveness allows for fresh ideas to happen. Her ability to improvise with the dancer makes the photos dynamic and unique. Some of my all time favorite shots are the ones that I took with Martha!" ~Alexis

Martha Wirth Photography Review by Alexis
Martha Wirth Photography Review by Ashley

"Working with Martha Wirth is so seamless and special. Whether it’s underwater in a blooming dress, in the air on a trapeze, or on the ground with pointe shoes - Martha has a way of bringing an amazing, encouraging, and safe experience to each shoot. Every shoot that I’ve had with Martha has been an expression of art and I can’t wait to continue to work with her!" ~Ashley

"Martha brings a calming, inspiring, and comforting energy to her sessions. She allows dancers to make individual choices while collaborating, and I’ve loved having the opportunity to experiment with her. Martha has a unique artistic eye that offers a deeper look into her own vision, her subjects, and a photograph as a whole." ~Morgan

Martha Wirth Photography Review by Morgan
Martha Wirth Photography Review by Abby

"Working with Martha was a fantastic experience. She has an incredibly keen eye for what will look best in a photo, and is skilled at directing you through focuses and body positions that will get you the shot you are looking for. She took my vision for the photoshoot and turned it into so much more!" ~Abby

“Martha is one of the most magical photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The way in which she captures movement is truly something special and breathtaking. Martha’s photography consists of both a rawness and beauty that tells a story. I always feel at home behind her camera lens.” ~Casey

Martha Wirth Photography Review by Casey
Martha Wirth Photography Review by Leah

"Working with Martha has enhanced my ability to express with my body. Her technical knowledge of dance of movement complements her artistic vision as a photographer in such a manner that results in the most stunning photos!


Seeing myself through Martha's lens has brought about shifts in my movement & movement quality. Not only does she know what looks aesthetically pleasing, she has the gift of being able to communicate that to subjects in the moment. The result is clear in her work. 


I have had the pleasure of working with Martha on several shoots, from underwater shoots with humans & above water with doggies, to live performance, solo shoots or group projects, & every experience has been so much more enjoyable to have Martha as a part of it. Shooting with a group brings about its own specific challenges, but it always puts me a little more at ease if I know Martha is the photographer! Her professionalism & calm energy are part of the reasons why. It also helps to know going into a project that the finished work will also be beautiful." ~Leah

Shooting with Martha completely exceeded my expectations. Her supportive and deeply informed nature is a pleasure to work with and made me feel at ease as well as creatively inspired. I have been absolutely thrilled with what she captured, and what a great time we had in the process!


Martha Wirth Photography Review by Gwen
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