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Once up a time there was a little girl who had a passion to tell stories and act them out. Her imagination would run wild  when she stepped into the attic of her home. There she had an old steamer trunk filled with vintage clothes and accessories. In the corner propped against the wall was a parasol and some old suitcases. The whole room gave homage to a backstage vaudeville dressing room. The stories that were lived there, by her, were endless. As she grew, her story telling took the form of dancing and eventually choreography. Through choreography she was able to share with an audience depth, spirituality, and emotion. Then one day a picture was taken and then another and another and a new story-form began for her.

I am that little girl and I love being able to photograph the story within others. I am excited when each photo shoot takes place, because I can't wait to see what will emerge. This journey we live needs to be captured, not in moments that are posed but in moments that are lived.

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