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Colorado Dance and Performing Arts Photographer
Capturing your art form through a creative photographic experience

The Experience: 

Welcome to my world of creativity, where your talents and my artistic ideas combine to capture the images you are desiring! We will come together and discuss the needs you have from audition photos or personal portfolio photos to creative storytelling ideas or a unique themed photo shoot. My extensive background in dance, movement, and as an artist add a level of expertise and a unique perspective throughout the whole process. Together we will create beautiful images that showcase you and your artistry.

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What my clients are saying

Circus Arts Photography


"Martha is my favorite photographer to work with because not only does she understand everything that goes into a perfect shot, she also understands me. She cares so much about her clients and who she is working with. She helps me to feel comfortable and confident during our shoots. Her ideas are creative and innovative. I always walk away feeling happy and excited to see the images. I know they will be one of a kind!"  

Dance Photography


"Martha brings a calming, inspiring, and comforting energy to her sessions. She allows dancers to make individual choices while collaborating, and I’ve loved having the opportunity to experiment with her. Martha has a unique artistic eye that offers a deeper look into her own vision, her subjects, and a photograph as a whole." ~Morgan

Underwater Photography


"Working with Martha Wirth is so seamless and special. Whether it’s underwater in a blooming dress, in the air on a trapeze, or on the ground with pointe shoes - Martha has a way of bringing an amazing, encouraging, and safe experience to each shoot. Every shoot that I’ve had with Martha has been an expression of art and I can’t wait to continue to work with her!" ~Ashley



My name is Martha Wirth

I have been an artist in different mediums all my life. For over 30 years I was a dancer and now I am putting my creativity and artistic perspective into a new medium, my photography.

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